200 interims will be hired for Inspection

Archive image of one of the interim protests at the Presidential headquarters. / arcadio suarez

The agreement, to which the CCOO and ELA have not joined, contemplates a budget allocation of 6 million euros

The CSIF, UGT and CIG unions have reached an agreement with the Civil Service by which the General State Administration (AGE) undertakes to
strengthen the Labor and Social Security Inspection with the
hiring of 200 interns and to improve the working conditions of the workforce, as reported by CSIF and UGT in separate communications.

Given the intensification of the activity of the Inspection derived from the labor reform, the agreement, to which the CCOO and ELA have not joined, contemplates the launch this year of an extraordinary plan to reward the performance and activity of the agency's staff , with a
budget allocation of 6 million euroswhich will take the form of additional productivity in the workers' payroll.

The General State Administration has undertaken to establish sufficient replacement rates in the annual public employment offers to guarantee the reinforcement of this public service.

Additionally, and charged to the 2021 public employment offer,
200 places will be assigned immediately to be covered with interim personnel until the legal provision of vacant jobs is made.

Likewise, according to the signatory unions, the General State Administration will immediately address the negotiation of a new list of jobs, determining the volume of human resources necessary, and the new technical and IT professional profiles, with the aim of reinforcing the Inspection.

"All of this should give rise to a more effective and in-depth inspection action, to a reinforcement of the central and territorial structure of the State Agency for Labor and Social Security Inspection and to a consolidation of the institution", underlined CSIF.

Union assessment of the agreement

The CSIF representative in the Inspection, Miguel Ángel Montero, has highlighted that this agreement is "beneficial" both for the Administration and the Inspection, but above all for the workers, because "with a reinforced Labor Inspection system they will see that the labor rights are subject to control by the Administration.

"The Inspection, having more resources after the signed agreement,
It will mean that workers can be better protected by the State Administration in their labor relations“, Montero has affirmed.

For his part, the UGT spokesman in the AGE, Antonio González, has indicated that the agreement, signed within the General Negotiation Table of the AGE, improves the working conditions of all public employees of the Inspection.

"The Inspection needs to have the necessary resources to guarantee the provision of a quality service, taking into account that since the last labor reform the workload of this body's staff has increased considerably," he pointed out.

González has also highlighted that, thanks to this agreement, the Inspection will be considered an "essential service" when finalizing the distribution of public employment offers.

On their side, sources from the CCOO AGE sector have explained to Europa Press that their refusal to sign this agreement is due to several reasons. In the first place, because the amount of 6 million destined to improve the productivity of the Inspection is less than the 12 million euros that were approved at the time within the strategic plan for the organism and that have not been used.

Secondly, in CCOO they do not agree with the use of the 2021 public employment offer for the entire AGE to reserve 200 positions for the Inspection to be temporarily covered by interims, since the additional workload that the labor reform has given to the body should be covered with an extraordinary job offer, as was done with the State Public Employment Service in its day.

Likewise, CCOO has opposed the signing of the agreement because the administrative reorganization of the Inspection has not been accompanied by an improvement in the destination and specific supplements received by the workforce, thus breaching a previous agreement of July 2021 that the Government had reached with the unions.

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