February 28, 2021

20 years of the three penalties that Palermo against Colombia failed

On July 4, 1999, Martín Palermo had the audacity to throw three penalties and the misfortune of failing the three. The image of the Argentine "9" pulling his pants with a mixture of anger and frustration crossed the world before social networks existed. Was not necessary to. Palermo had just entered the Guinness Book of Records.

Argentina and Colombia played the second day of the first phase of the Copa América with the 0-5 of La Bombonera still fresh in memory. Five years had passed since that Colombian victory, but the memory still hurt. On the Argentine bench sat Marcelo Bielsa. In Colombia played the alleged former Real Madrid player -never played an official match with the club- Edwin Congo, who scored one of the goals of the Colombian victory (3-0).

Palermo made a perfect hat-trick of failed penalties. The first was thrown to the crossbar, the second went over the goal and the third was stopped by Colombian goalkeeper Miguel Calero. In that game there were five penalties and only the Colombian Cordoba was able to score. The "Mono" Burgos stopped the one that launched the Colombian Hamilton Ricard.

The three failed penalties did not prevent the continuation of Palermo's career with the albiceleste. In 2009 he scored against Peru the goal that qualified Argentina for the World Cup in South Africa. One of the best memories of his career. "He fought the game with goals against Real Madrid, he had 30 legs ahead with rain, mud and wind, the state of the ball, the water that was falling everywhere, we were out of the World Cup …", he recalled. moment of its withdrawal.

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