20 years of aguanís, the most incredible goal by Raúl

20 years of aguanís, the most incredible goal by Raúl

Raúl was a different player. Audacious, willful and with unwavering faith. It was the best but not at all the prettiest. He did not dance like Zidane nor hit the ball like Roberto Carlos. He did not run like Ronaldo or have the touch of Beckham. He did not have the quality of Figo or the auction of Owen. But it may have been more complete or more constant than them. He did not even score very nice goals. And when he did, they gave him an ugly name. Only Raúl could score the goal of aguanís, which on December 1 is 20 years old.

It was in the final of the Intercontinental against Vasco de Gama, a Seedorf ball that came to the race, controlled, got into the area and when he saw a rival defense reach him, he cut him off, letting him pass; then to another and finally threw to door. "I improvised the whole play because I had very few seconds to decide. After the first dribble I was able to shoot, but I preferred to let the defender come running and I finished empty. Those plays are carried inside because you have few seconds to think and because if you do not carry them inside they do not come out", Explained the striker after the match won by Madrid 3-1. But the name was given by Raúl's father because he said that it was a play he usually did when he was small and if things got complicated for his team, a teammate would say: "Raúl, do the aguanís".

Real Madrid won the Seventh season with Mijatovic's goal in Juve and that's why he returned to play the Intercontinental more than thirty years later. It was not a good match for Madrid or for Raúl, but the forward appeared when he should, as he always did. He did that, from his ability to surprise his best quality.

In the first part the Madrid had advanced after a center of Roberto Carlos that got a rival defense, but nobody took control of the shock.

In the second half, Juninho tied the game and the matter became dangerous for the team that trained Hiddink. Then, that ball came to Raul. "Everything can be expected from him," Hiddink said later.

Raúl would still have to win two more Champions and one more Intercontinental and leave an indelible legacy in the white set. But it was clear that that goal would go down in history, for the moment and for the execution. "He makes that kind of cow tail … I remember when I got up in the morning, the first thing I did was to see if he had won Madrid or not," Lucas Vázquez told FIFA years ago when he was asked about that so much of the forward. So, Lucas was 7 years old. "Great footballers passed through Madrid, but my idol since childhood was always Raúl. For what it meant for Real Madrid, what a good player he was … ", continued the squad. Today Raúl has returned to the white club and in addition to traveling with the team, trains the Cadet, with whom he does nothing but win and practice good football. Children may explain how to score a goal of aguanís: the best way to escape from the most complicated situations.


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