'20 Red Lights', by Max de Esteban, curated by Diana Padrn, sees the light at the 13th Havana Biennial – The Province

'20 Red Lights', by Max de Esteban, curated by Diana Padrn, sees the light at the 13th Havana Biennial - The Province

The political-artistic essay 20 Red Lights, by the Catalan artist Max de Esteban, curated by the grancanaria curator Diana Padrón and the Italian Lorenza Pignatti, opens today at the 13th Havana Biennial, that is celebrated within the framework of the fifth centenary of the foundation of the city under the epigraph The construction of the possible. After four years of absence in Cuiba, this edition of the Biennial also has the participation of Gran Canaria artist Esther Aldaz in its official section.

The project 20 Red Lights, that takes its title from a phrase of the song Far Away Eyes, of the Rolling Stones, dissects the implications of the digital financialization of the economy and its relationship with the radicalization of the neoliberal agenda. "A very important issue in the context of our global culture that deserves a rigorous reflection from art or critical thinking when thinking about other possible networks and confluences," says Padrón, who last October coordinated the meeting Geographies of the delay. Attempts for an art of stopping in the hypermobility society, at the La Regenta Art Center, in the Gran Canaria capital, among other projects.

"Digital technologies lead us to a deep and accelerated transformation of our world," reflects the curator. The Rolling Stones would reflect this precipitous drift of globalized society in one of their songs: it is faith that would have to save us from our reckless decisions. Crossing twenty red lights on the only basis of faith is precisely the logic that underlies the current finance model. "

A part of the project 20 Red Lights it was exhibited last 2018 in the Virreina Center de l'Imatge (Barcelona), since for the 13th Havana Biennial a reconceptualization and adaptation has been carried out. Along with the exhibition at the Fototeca de Cuba (Old Square) the project will be presented at a round table within the framework of the public activities program of the Havana Biennial. Further, 20 Red Lights It will also be part of the summer exhibition program of the Galician Contemporary Art Center, next June 2019.


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