2 planes arrive from Turkey and Shanghai with 17 tons of medical equipment

Two planes with medical supplies, one from Turkey with 5 tons of aid from this NATO partner and the other from the Chinese city of Shanghai with another 11.7 tons of cargo, land this Wednesday in Spain to reinforce the fight. against coronavirus.

As reported by the Ministry of Defense, the plane from Shanghai contains a batch of medical equipment purchased from China and landed this morning at the Torrejón de Ardoz air base (Madrid).

This is a Russian-made Ilyushin Il-76 contracted by the Margarita Robles department that transports, according to military sources, 11.7 tons of material in 1,104 boxes.

The other plane is an A400 belonging to the Armed Forces of this country and carries, according to military sources, 5 tons of medical material that this NATO ally has provided in response to the request made by Spain to the Atlantic Alliance.

The aircraft, which has already taken off from Ankara and is expected to arrive in Torrejón around 1:00 p.m., contains 250,000 face masks, 20 anatomical masks, 750 eye shields, 2,000 PPE protective suits and 1,000 liters of antibacterial fluid.

The Turkish Executive has reported that this material has been manufactured in its military facilities and has distributed images to the means of transporting medical supplies to the cargo plane, with messages of support for Spain.

"There is so much hope after despair. There are so many suns after darkness," "From Turkey to the Spanish people, affectionately," indicates a poster in Turkish and Spanish with the flags of both countries.

In Turkey there have been 13,551 cases of coronavirus and 214 deaths.


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