April 19, 2021

2 out of 5 Spaniards have had sexual problems

2 out of 5 Spaniards have had sexual problems

With the arrival of Valentine, there are many couples who decide to put some spark to their sex life. Such is the case that erotic toys are among the most frequent gifts of this day along with flowers and books. Enjoying a good sex life is key to the health of any romantic relationship. However, not all couples enjoy it and, in fact and according to the figures of health insurance comparator Acierto.com, almost 40% of Spaniards have had a sexual problem in this area.

And is that many times the problems in bed they find their origin in other, deeper conflicts; jealousy, suspicion, disrespect and even how the individuals have evolved throughout the relationship. A point where couples therapy is very helpful. In fact and according to the health insurance comparison data, up to 7 out of 10 are effective. But success does not always lie in rebuilding the relationship.

Effective, but how?

It should also be noted that most patients usually wait between five and six years before going to therapy, when the relationships are already more worn out. In addition, the members of the couple do not always have the same objective. The usual profile is that of a couple who love each other but who have been accumulating frustration and disappointment for years. But you have to learn to accept the discrepancies with the other.

For that reason, that the relationship recovers is not always a success. The goal is for individuals to be well, with themselves and with each other; and sometimes that means breaking the relationship. Of course, in the best form, from the acceptance. The work, however, is not easy because, far from seeing the faults and defects in the other, Good therapy implies accepting one's own dysfunctions, dealing with emotional dependencies, learning to discuss and even finding new bases to be able to hope again. The failure comes when one of the members does not feel love, is not interested in therapy, is unable to forgive, has individual problems, is not willing to change certain issues or physical or psychological abuse is occurring.

A healthy sex life, key

One of the most important aspects of the couple has to do with sexual health. Sex, in addition, can be an indicator: the better we are with our beloved, the greater the frequency and quality of exchanges. And the other way around. The data handled by the comparator among others, reflect that the lack of sex – along with coexistence, discussions and infidelities – is one of the main reasons for going to therapy.

The thermometer of the relationship it can be cooled by the tensions cited, by the routines, with the arrival of the children or the result of other important vital changes. In addition, if a sexual problem appears, it will never be one, but both, because it inevitably ends up affecting the couple.

To reactivate passion, experts recommend going to the sexologist's office, beyond the approach of sexual dysfunctions, will allow us to understand our body and the other more consciously, to live sex in a more harmonious and satisfactory way, to avoid dissatisfaction, to communicate better, and to demystify roles and taboos. His specialty is sexuality, its conflicts and manifestations.

You may even exercise or recommend us, for example, the use of sex toys. The sales of the latter, fortunately, is in full swing and has shot up to 31%. Of course, most users prefer to buy them online because of the privacy that doing so allows. Here technology has played a fundamental role, especially in terms of innovation. In the current market we find from vibrators that can be controlled through the smartwatch to iToys that are synchronized with 360 porn movies.

Despite its usefulness, the truth is that there are still many suspicions at the time of consulting these experts. For starters, only 15% have consulted a professional. A very low figure taking into account that 67% consider sexual activity very important, according to the data of the comparator.

To therapy

To access this type of specialized therapies it is advisable to have a health insurance that has a broad medical picture. ANDn him you will find numerous professionals in the field that will help you address the problems discussed: from behavioral psychologists to other experts in couples therapy and sexology. Some policies even allow the free choice of these psychologists and reimburse up to 80% of the cost of the visit. In any case, it is convenient to review the conditions, since they vary from one insurer to another.

There are those that establish, for example, limitations regarding the number of annual visits, or that expand or reduce this amount depending on the pathology. Others exclude treatments such as psychoanalysis, hypnosis and others. Deficiencies also vary. In any case and as we said, the psychologist will give us the necessary tools to overcome these vicissitudes that we are facing and go to the consultation will end up being, in one way or another, positive for us.

Beyond therapy, there are certain habits that can help us take care of the health of our relationship. For example, do not neglect the small details -like a good morning kiss, go out for a drink, etc.-, communicate and share feelings, share tastes and hobbies


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