April 18, 2021

2% of public employment will be reserved for battered women

2% of public employment will be reserved for battered women

Congress parliamentary groups have agreed to establish a minimum reserve of 2% of public employment for women victims of sexist violence. This measure will be included in the draft law on urgent measures for the development of the State Pact against gender violence, which is being processed in the Chamber.

It is the paper created in Congress to negotiate this rule which has reached unanimous agreement on this measure, according to Europa Press sources of Citizens have informed. The 'oranges' are those who have taken this proposal to the body, through an amendment to the bill.

"This percentage is thus fixed without prejudice to the fact that, subsequently, the collective agreements signed by the various administrations may establish a higher percentage", the same sources point.


The reservation of places for applicants who have specific characteristics is not something new. For example, the administration reserves a quota for access for people with disabilities. The Public Employee Statute already requires that at least 7% be reserved in public employment offers to be covered by persons with disabilities.

However, the fulfillment of this forecast is unequal, according to Europa Press sources from the Spanish Committee of Representatives of People with Disabilities (CERMI). Thus, they point out that in the General State Administration the reserve for people with disabilities began to be fulfilled as of 2004, after "systematic historical failure".

"In spite of unresolved issues, and that can be perfected, it works reasonably .. In Autonomous Communities and Local Corporations the situation is unequal and very deficient, they are still in very early stages of compliance", they warn.


The reservation of jobs in the administration for victims of domestic violence is one of the first agreements that have been made public about this law, which began its presentation phase in the first days of 2019. This Wednesday, the body turns to gather to continue with their work.

The initial text, already in force, was approved by the Council of Ministers and supported, last September, unanimously in Congress, which also gave the green light to its processing as a bill.

Some of the main measures that were implemented with this initiative of the Executive are the return to the municipalities of the competences in the matter of sexist violence or the activation of the agreed budgets.

In addition, it is guaranteed that the minor victims of this scourge do not need the permission of the abuser to obtain psychological attention and will not be obliged to visit the condemned prisoner.


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