2-1. The Eibar takes a derbi of height

2-1. The Eibar takes a derbi of height

The Eibar managed to add a victory in the derby against Alavés, between two teams that raised a game to win, and in which there was excitement, VAR, comeback and several alternatives, in a particularly nice and entertaining clash.

The first thing that caught the attention was the change of Mendilibar's scheme, which used a single point and three players in the midfield, probably to try to minimize the defensive errors that have cost so much in recent weeks.

In the Alavés, the main news was the absence of Pacheco in the goal, and also surprised the ownership of Dmitrovic in the EIbar, when it seemed that he was not yet recovered.

Thanks to the VAR, the Alavés made blood very soon in the gunshot wound, to mark the first three minutes into the game, thanks to a lateral fault, topped by Manu Garcia to despair of the Guipuzcoan parish.

Eibar still did not improve in defense, and conceded goal in the first visitor opportunity.

The gunsmiths were filled with courage, yes, and in the following minutes overwhelmed the goalkeeper Vitoria centers and corners, but without success at the time of finishing between the sticks.

The Eibar took control of the domain of the party, but its possession returned to be unfruitful, like in the last encounter, although certain is that it managed to put to the ones of Abelardo practically in its area during that phase of the party.

Anyway, the locals gave the feeling of risking a lot, with a defense very advanced that could provide a counter visitor at any time, although they had no other option with the adverse marker.

EL VAR again intervened in the 22nd minute, after Iglesias Villanueva pitted a penalty in favor of Eibar that proved to be out of the area, but that led to the expulsion of Duarte to avoid a clear chance of goal.

Orellana sent the fault with skill to the crosshead, and from that moment another match began, although the result was still favorable to the team that was outnumbered.

Borja Bastón was the one sacrificed by Abelardo to give entrance to Vigaray with the idea of ​​stopping the eibarresas attacks.

The Alavés knew to relocate in the field in the following minutes and, although the Eibar continued dominating, the babazorros continued without suffering too much.

In spite of everything, the problems continued for Abelardo, in this case with the injury of Tomás Pina, who had to leave the field of play before the break, so that the visitors only had one change left for one hour of play, something that always diminishes the possibilities and, probably, the initial idea of ​​any technician.

Mendilibar also moved the chip before the break when Charles got in by Escalante, or what is the same, strengthening the attack to the detriment of the midfield, as a result of the advantage in numerical superiority.

Despite the eleven corners in favor of Eibar by none of the Alavés, the circumstances, the 5 minutes of extension and the gunsmith's domain, Abelardo's team managed to reach the break with the advantage that gave him the start of the game. match, and that Eibar hit twice on the stick in the last moments of the first act.

The second part started just as the first one finished, with dominance and armero arrivals, but with little precision in centers and shots.

Maripán was still a real wall in the back of Alava, and Eibar seemed desperate to find a way to penetrate the visiting lines.

The minutes passed, and the visitors continued to demonstrate the reason for their qualifying situation, an exemplary attitude, an impenetrable defense and a knowledge to read the moments of the game that kept him alive in the face of the constant harassment of Mendilibar's.

Once again, the VAR became the protagonist to make Iglesias Villanueva expel De Blassis for an untimely and meaningless entry in a play without any danger in the center of the field.

The forces were equal and was still half an hour to the conclusion, with both teams with ten players, in a game of everything but boring.

And, curiously, when the situation seemed more against Eibar, Jordan collected a pass from Cucurella on the front to launch a missile and equalize the score with 25 minutes left.

The swords were again in high, but it seemed the Eibar who carried the positive inertia in the game, but Alavés was not satisfied with the match in a beautiful derby for the viewer.

Of course, Eibar was the one who looked for it most, and with great zeal, with a sublime Rubén Peña and a Cucurella that gave another air to the left wing from his entrance.

The Alavés did not appear for the goal of Dmitrovic and, despite equalizing the forces in number of players, seemed to settle for the draw in the final minutes.

Thus, the gunsmiths culminated the comeback in the discount, with a huge headbutt of Diop that made shake the foundations of Ipurúa.

Eibar: Dmitrovic; Rubén Peña, Arbilla, Paulo, Cote (Cucurella, min.65); Jordan, Diop, Escalante (Charles, min 41); Orellana, Kike García (Enrich, min 68), De Blassis.

Alavés: Sivera; Martin, Laguardia, Maripán, Duarte; Manu García, Tomás Pina (Brasanac, min 34), Jony (Nephew, min 76), Ibai; Borja Bastón (Vigaray, min.28), Calleri.

Goals: 0-1, min. 3, Manu García. 1-1, min. 68, Jordan. 2-1, min 90, Diop

Referee: Iglesias Villanueva. He sent a red card to Duarte in the 24th minute, and to De Blassis in the 63rd minute and booked the locals for Orellana, Diop

Incidents: 5,660 spectators in a placid autumn morning in Ipurúa.



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