2-1. Piccini saves Valencia in 93 and sinks a good Huesca

2-1. Piccini saves Valencia in 93 and sinks a good Huesca

A left-footed by Cristiano Piccini in the 93rd minute gave victory to Valencia against a good Huesca, in a game of alternatives, in which the locals had more opportunities, but also the rival could take the 1-2 in the final stretch of the game. shock.

The local team was once again with its problem of lack of marksmanship, while the main virtue of Huesca was not to lower the arms after the 1-0, but found an excessive punishment in the defeat suffered in the Mestalla.

The game ended in the cruelest possible way for the bottom of the First Division, which today received in a prolongation time the goal that a week ago he also scored at the end of the game, and Valencia added three points that alleviate their situation, but not your problem of effectiveness.

Valencia carried the weight of the match during the first period against a Huesca who at some moments handled the ball on the opponent's ground, but without depth.

To get close to the area of ​​the Aragonese team, lThe players of Marcelino Garcia Toral sought the spaces and the plays against, especially on the right wing with Wass and Piccini, but their arrivals were not very clear in the initial stretch of the match.

However, halfway through the first period a recovery of the ball in the left wing led to 1-0, marked by Parejo Cheryshev pass.

Four minutes later, Melero had the only clear chance for Huesca, that was well neutralized by Neto, which gave way to a final phase of the first period in which the locals combined their arrivals on the counter with the launching of several corners, one of them solved by Santamaría with success after a headbutt of Mina.

At the halfway point of the match it was a small local advantage, but given the dynamics of Valencia in this championship, with many difficulties to score, nobody was calm despite the fact that Huesca had created little danger.

Neto neutralized one against Huesca in the first action offensive visitor of the second half when the tone of the game had not changed compared to the first, which Parejo failed to give a reply in a direct foul that went over the crossbar. Then Santamaría deflected a good shot from Soler to corner.

Halfway through this period, Francisco Rodríguez entered Longo to play with two strikers in pursuit of the draw, which came in a penalty transformed by Cucho, who had been knocked down by Carlos Soler.

After the draw, Valencia went for the goal of victory, had several chances to get it, but between the precipitation and the lack of success did not find the way to score, although a counter by Longo could put 1- 2 on the scoreboard five minutes from the end.

With the Valencia as overturned as imprecise, the Huesca played their options until the final minute, but in the last play of the game, a ball centered on the area was topped by Piccini from inside the area with a powerful shot before which nothing could Santamaría .

Data sheet:

2 – Valencia: Neto, Piccini, Garay, Diakhaby, Gayà, Wass (Bathsuayi, m.75), Carlos Soler, Parejo, Cheryshev, Santi Mina (Ferran Torres, m.70) and Rodrigo.

1 – Huesca: Santamaría, Jorge Miramón, Insua, Etxeita, Akapo, Musto (Sastre, m.86), Rivera (Camacho, m.88), Moi Gómez, Melero, (Longo, m.67) Ferreiro and Cucho Hernández.

Goals: 1-0, m.25: Parejo. 1-1, m.71: Cucho, penalty. 2-1.m.90 + 3: Piccini

Referee: Gil Manzano (Extremadura Committee). He admonished for the Valencia to Santi Mina, Cheryshev, Garay, Rodrigo, Gayá, Carlos Soler and Piccini and for the Huesca to Insúa, Longo and Rivera.

Incidents: match played in Mestalla against 36,500 spectators.



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