180 people have exercised their right to euthanasia in the first year

180 people have exercised their right to euthanasia in the first year

The Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, believes that euthanasia is a consolidated right, one year after the entry into force of the law that regulates it, and that 180 people have exercised it, of which 22 have donated organs with the that 68 transplants have been performed. “It is the celebration of the first year of life of a right that dignifies us as human beings and as a society”, Darias stressed, in a ceremony held at the ministry headquarters for this anniversary, in which he stressed that it is a healthcare provision that allows access with more guarantees "to one of the most valuable assets of the human condition: the will and dignity".

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The Minister of Health thanked the autonomous communities, health professionals and the scientific community for putting the law into effect, although she demanded "the same speed" of implementation "to offer the same guarantees and so that all people have the same rights wherever they live”.

“Patient requests are being made in a framework of full commitment by the members of the guarantee committees” and other participants, and with still provisional data, he explained after reporting that 180 euthanasias have been carried out in a year. "180 people whom we have helped to die in a dignified manner, as they have decided."

In addition, Darias has detailed that the donation of organs from 22 of these people has allowed 68 transplants to be carried out. "It is a life improvement for many people and remember that dying is also an act of generosity."

Before a forum of professionals who intervene in the application of this right, Darias has appealed to the "courage and commitment of all" to change the end of the history of many people.

“The execution of this right is being developed adequately” although at different speeds, the head of Health has asserted, who has recalled that her department holds regular meetings with the ministries to assess the requests for help from patients to die.

After a year, in the minister's opinion, the health system "is more inclusive and universal" and has contributed to building a "more just, equitable, generous and decent" society.

The documentary The trip to Iceland was screened at the event, which narrates the life of Luis, 50 years old and suffering from multiple sclerosis, and his struggle to end his life in 2017 "in a sweet way and without suffering". "These stories showed us that the path was possible and we must continue to do so in his memory," he concluded.

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