18% of the beneficiaries of the food bank have a job

18% of the beneficiaries of the food bank have a job

90.2% of people who receive aid from the European Food Program suffer extreme poverty, despite the fact that among the beneficiaries there is 18% who have a job and one in three has been receiving aid for more than three years.

Red Cross and the Spanish Federation of Food Banks (Fesbal), the two entities in charge of distributing the European Aid Fund for the most disadvantaged people in Spain, have conducted a study with face-to-face surveys to 27,443 beneficiaries in 2017, as well as 2,320 distribution organizations, 875 consumption organizations and 4,000 volunteers.

Poverty has become chronic in one out of every three people who have been in the food program for 3 to 5 years due to the lack of material they suffer.

The report highlights that almost all the beneficiaries who have obtained a job are still in poverty and stresses that child poverty reaches 98.7 percent.

Thus, 13 percent of these people live with income below 100 euros and 60 percent, with less than 500 euros.

In addition, these people have a low level of social coverage: only four out of ten people receive minimum income.

The most vulnerable profiles are short-term unemployed (over two years), elderly people, children (in 3 of every 4 households there are children) and foreigners.


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