18-month pandemic x-ray

The risk of transmission of the coronavirus is already “low” in Spain. We leave behind the five waves of the pandemic, which experts predict will not be repeated as we knew them, although the virus will continue to be present.

This graph shows the average evolution of cases, deaths, hospitalizations and ICU admissions with respect to the maximum registered in the pandemic. The data only includes people with COVID-19 confirmed with a diagnostic test.

In the first wave about 30,000 people died with a positive test for COVID-19, but according to INE calculations there were many more. A third died in residences or at home, demonstrating the extreme strain on the healthcare system. Only the most severe cases were diagnosed.

The summer of 2020 was an oasis that, without realizing it much, was heating up a new outbreak of cases. From entering the ‘new normal’ in June to the end of September, contagions multiplied by 35.

In autumn and winter the second and third waves were chained. The contagions got out of control at Christmas, when diagnostic tests were reduced and social interaction increased.

As the vaccination campaign progressed, the relationship between cases and deceased. Although infections rose slightly during the fourth wave, the increase was not reflected in mortality.

This summer cases skyrocketed especially among the youngest. However, during the fifth wave the hospitals and ICUs they were not filled as in the previous ones.


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