April 18, 2021

17 years of struggle to know the truth

17 years of struggle to know the truth

For 25 years Anabel Segura left to run for La Moraleja and was kidnapped, murdered and for which they asked for a ransom. A little over a month ago, Laura Luelmo died at the hands of Bernardo Montoya. At first, it was believed that the young Zamora had been killed when she went out to run around El Campillo (Huelva). At that time, a movement in social networks began, in which women claimed to be able to go out into the open air without fear, free, without having to be aware of someone suspicious who approaches them with bad intentions.

There are many women who have been afraid and have been able to tell. Many others have been silenced because an executioner crossed his path. That's what happened to Déborah Fernández 17 years ago. On May 1, 2002, he went out to run in Samil (Vigo) and did not return. The young woman, 21 years old, was missing for 10 days, the time it took to find her body in a ditch in O Rosal (Pontevedra), more than 40 kilometers from the place where she was last seen.

The investigation could only determine that she died asphyxiated and the case was filed in 2010 for lack of evidence. As his brother explains in an open petition in Change.org addressed to the court of first instance and instruction no. 2 of Tuipara to reopen the case, "There have been more than 5 different investigation teams, it has been changed up to 3 judge occasions … And the whole investigation has not helped to clarify who is behind the death of my sister.

Soon they will prescribe the charges and by then it will be too late to get the person who took our sister Deborah away. " her sister "left the house without taking any clothes or money, without her personal documents or credit cards, she just went out to jog, something she did with some regularity.

The autopsy confirmed that my sister had died of suffocation, possibly suffocated with a soft object. " the Fernández family considers that "it is shown that the evidence surrounding my sister's body is fictitious, someone was upset, and a lot, in that they could not blame their murderer, in fact, so far there has been no detention. "

Therefore, together with the appearance of new evidence, they have opened the petition to have the case reopened – which it prescribes within 3 years – which has already been signed by nearly 50,000 people. At the beginning of last year, the family requested the reopening of the case on suspicion that José Enrique Abuín Gey, El Chiche, confessed murderer of Diana Quer, could be behind the murder.

Precisely Diana's father, Juan Carlos Quer, yesterday shared a message on social networks in which he sends support to the family and in which he asks that the Deborah family be supported so that the case can be reopened.

Debora's brother concludes Change.org's petition clarifying that "my parents no longer have the strength to continue fighting but I am going to do everything in my power so that my sister's murder does not go unpunished."


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