16 general addresses and name change of “Diplomatic Information”

As Europa Press has learned, the figure of the “ambassador introducer” is also deleted, which will be replaced by a General Directorate of Protocol, Chancellery and Orders (the range does not change).

The changes are concentrated in the Secretary of State of Global Spain, which until now had an Office with general management status and will now have three: Economic Diplomacy, Strategy, Prospective and Coherence and Communication, Public Diplomacy and Networks. Placing the communication and a general direction of “strategy” reinforces the weight of this Secretary of State, which until now was in the hands of Irene Lozano and now will occupy Manuel Muñiz, alien, as his predecessor, to the diplomatic career and with a long academic and advisory career in international affairs.

The rest of the general directorates maintain their powers, although with the difference that that of Latin America now depends on the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and for Latin America and the Caribbean, together with Foreign Policy and Security, United Nations and Human Rights, Maghreb, Mediterranean and Middle East; Africa and North America, Eastern Europe, Asia and the Pacific.

This Secretary of State finally leads Ibero-America in its denomination even though drafts have circulated in what was called only “Foreign Affairs.” In some, communication in Global Spain was not included or the figure of the “ambassador introducer” was maintained.

“We are joined by a special relationship,” said Minister Arancha González Laya, in relation to Latin America by announcing on Twitter the new basic structure of the Ministry, which has been published as final provision to the Royal Decree of restructuring of the Presidency of the Government.

Now, the organic structure of the Ministry remains to be published. In it, the Secretary of State for the EU will maintain the same three general directions: Integration and Coordination of * General Affairs of the European Union, Coordination of the Internal Market and * other Community Policies and Western, Central and Southeast Europe of Europe – the latter for bilateral relations with European countries.

The Secretary of State for International Cooperation will have only one general direction, that of Sustainable Development Policies, which has been in charge of this policy until now – although in the so far Secretariat of State for Cooperation and for Latin America.

Finally, the Undersecretariat will cease to have under its orbit the General Directorate of Communication and Diplomatic Information but will maintain the General Technical Secretariat and the general directorates of the Foreign Service, Spanish Abroad and Consular Affairs and the Foreign Ministry and Orders Protocol.


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