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The pandemic has been a real stress test for companies and, many of them, have drawn very valuable lessons to improve their work system. This is the case of the Heineken beer group and its ‘Smart Working’ project, the work model that it is building with its workers consisting of 16 hours a week ‘of flexibility’ to distribute them as the employee prefers, with the agreement of his team leader .

In this regard, a first pilot project has just finished, in which 77 volunteer employees have participated to test different forms of telework, from the most flexible to the most limited. “We have drawn some conclusions. For example, people prefer to work on more flexible and hybrid models. They told us that at home they were more productive ”, explains to ABC the director of Human Resources of Heineken Spain, Mónica Zai, who recognizes that in the office it is“ much easier to work as a team ”and“ socialize ”.

In any case, ‘Smart Working’ this month started a second three-month pilot test with a broader group of employees. In the words of Mónica Zai, this new project will serve to test this model and “analyze well-being, preferences, productivity … We will see based on this and, as of January, it will be extended to everyone.” On the occasion of the Covid, the brewery has also reconfigured its offices giving preference to the health of its employees, with temperature measurements “being flexible with the PCR or antigen tests that are necessary.”

In any case, the head of Human Resources at the brewery recalls that within the corporate culture the concept of “sharing moments of enjoyment with each other” plays a very relevant role and that, in everything related to ‘Smart Working’, has weighed much the well-being of the around 1,500 people that Heineken employs in Spain.

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