Sat. Apr 20th, 2019

155 participants turn Mototrans into the largest off-road event on the islands - La Provincia

155 participants turn Mototrans into the largest off-road event on the islands - La Provincia

The first appointment of the Mototrans route in Gran Canaria was a success. 155 participants in all three categories make it the biggest event off-road of the Canary Islands. The event, held every two years since 2012, departed last Saturday from Los Giles, in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, and culminated after more than 400 kilometers around the island in the Las Ramblas CC.

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Motivated by the general ignorance of the legal use of the field motorcycle in the natural space, in 2012 the Mototrans was created within the legal framework of the Canary Islands natural protection, a broad and complex regulation that covers Protected Natural Spaces (ENPs), Special Plans, ZEC, Zespas, Red 2000, Biosphere Reserve and PIO.

"After a lot of effort, patience with the technicians and a lot of work done, it was giving shape to an activity that has acquired great prominence with each edition", reveals Borja Naranjo, director and creator of the test. "We want to promote our natural values ​​and the correct use of the weekend field bike," adds the motorcycle lover.

This year's edition was marked by mud in the north. The slippery terrain of Los Giles, the wall of San Roque and the one of Gáldar, or the passage through Los Vicentillos, were some points of greater difficulty. The participants spent the night on Saturday at the bivouac installed in Mogán and continued through the ravines of the South. "The route seeks to create a state in which the difficulty of each point and its distribution in the distance, maintain a line of motivation, no matter the time, but enjoy the countryside."

The chronometer does not exist, there is no classification, only finalists of a challenge that puts to the test the concentration, the respect and the overcoming of each one in an environment of nature, with the only dream of completing the tour. This year, the Mototrans visits up to four islands. The first test was last weekend in Gran Canaria, but the appointment also comes to Lanzarote and Fuerteventura (24-25 May) and Tenerife (27-29 September).

There are three modalities within the Mototrans. The 'Supertrail': conceived for the offroad larger type maxitrail, trail or beginners in enduro bikes. The 'Mototrans': the genuine, designed for both fans and bikers more prepared. And finally, the 'Enduro': the category for the most experienced, a category that has sent more than one home in the first 60 kilometers.


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