150,000 jobs less this year

150,000 jobs less this year

The pace of job creation begins to send alarming signals on abrupt slowdown of the economy, lower than in other neighboring countries but higher than expected. So at least reflects Asempleo, which has warned in a statement that this year 154,000 fewer jobs will be created than last year, where it has already been downloaded from the 600,000 new jobs created in 2017. In particular, the employers of temporary employment agencies foresee a increase in occupation of 409,000 people for the whole year for the 563,000 jobs created in 2018. Work will continue to be created, but at a much more contained pace predicting a storm cloud by 2020 if the necessary measures are not taken to relaunch the rate of hiring. Even so, the number of employed will advance by 2.1% in the forecast of the accumulated between June 2018 and May 2019, which will translate into 19.8 million employed by the 19.4 million registered in the same period between 2017 and 2018.

And is that the data for February do not predict a good quarter, according to Asempleo, which detects slightly worse than expected behavior in the labor registers of February. Membership grows by 69,172 people (75,000 planned) and registered unemployment increases by 3,279 people (an expected drop of 6,000) compared to the previous month. Looking ahead to the next three months, "the indicator points out that the deceleration path in the pace of job creation will continue, albeit still at high rates," the analysis indicates.

The study notes that «the deceleration is more than obvious Bearing in mind that over half a million jobs have been created in Spain in recent years ». The unemployment rate, meanwhile, would experience a reduction to 13.9% on an annual average.


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