Tue. Apr 23rd, 2019

15 years of the most historic comeback of videogames

15 años de la remontada más histórica de los videojuegos

This 2019 marks 15 years of what may be the most remembered moment in the history of videogame competitions, the combat of Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike that in 2004 he faced professional players Daigo Umehara Y Justin Wong. Coinciding with this ephemeris has appeared a new recording, unpublished to date, which captured the emotion of the public in front of the unexpected comeback of Umehara during one of the semifinals of the EVO tournament.

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In the new video, which has been uploaded to the internet thanks to one of the organizers of the EVO, the most prestigious wrestling tournament, Mark Julio, you can see this historical confrontation since a new point of view and, as a novelty with respect to other recordings, it allows listening to the comments of some attendees. Less than a day after the publication of the video in your Twitter account you already accumulate around half a million views.

The combat, also known by the nickname of "Moment # 37", Is famous not only for the euphoric reaction of the public, but above all for the extraordinary technique of the Japanese player Umehara when counteracting the special attack of his rival when his character was barely alive. Umehara's skill in blocking the fifteen consecutive attacks by Wong and the subsequent counterattack is what made the audience go crazy.

Despite the boom in recent years of the eSports, this combat is still an absolutely iconic moment when talking about videogame competitions.

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