April 21, 2021

15 years in prison for a man who repeatedly raped his youngest daughter | Society

15 years in prison for a man who repeatedly raped his youngest daughter | Society

A man has been condemned by the Audience of Valencia to 15 years in prison for repeatedly raping his youngest daughter, at least for five years. The convicted person will not be able to communicate or approach the victim in 24 years, takes away the parental authority and forces him to submit to a sex education program, informs the Superior Court of Justice of the Valencian Community.

The assaults were perpetrated in the family home between 2011 and 2016, when the youngest was between 10 and 15 years old. The father took advantage of the fact that the mother lived in Albacete, where she worked in a house as an employee of the domestic household, subjecting his daughter to touching and forcing her sexually. The progenitor returned from leave to the family home every 15 days.

During two or three times a week, the condemned man took the child and took her to his room or to that of the child and I sexually assaulted her, ejaculating outside. To achieve his purpose, he took the smallest of the arms tightly and covered his mouth so that he would not scream, even hitting her with his hands or with some object if the child resisted.

The aggressor used to tell the girl, so that she would not give him away, that she would go to hell or hurt the mother. He also tried to convince her that nobody would believe her if she told someone else, she mentions the sentence. However, the child ended up telling her mother about her father's repeated assaults following a discussion in mid-2016 and denounced him a few months later.


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