September 21, 2020

15% donation from members of the Government up to 50% of elected positions

Podemos already has the new protocol that will regulate the real salary that its public representatives will charge. As approved in the III Citizen Assembly, the party abandons the use of the Interprofessional Minimum Wage as a reference, one of its flags since its foundation in 2014. The latest increases in the SMI, which stands at 950 euros with expectations of reaching 1,200 by the end of the legislature, and the entry into different governments, from regional to state, led Pablo Churches to reformulate the system of remuneration and donations in the proposal that they raised before those registered in the last congressional process, in which they had practically no opposition. The idea was to establish a scale of percentages based on the position and salary. And so it is fixed in the new Protocol regarding the donations of Podemos public officials at all levels of public representation what has advanced The confidential and to which has had access.

We can change your salary limits: from the SMI as a reference to a donation percentage not yet determined

We can change your salary limits: from SMI as a reference to a donation percentage not yet determined

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The new system establishes five categories, with different percentages of donation to the party. The members of the state, regional or municipal Government Council will donate at least 15% of their net salary. Positions in Secretariats, Undersecretaries of State, Deputy Ministries, General Directorates or Deputy Directors, between 15% and 35%. Elected positions at any institutional level with exclusive dedication, between 20% and 50%. Elected positions at any institutional level whose salary is below 40,000 euros gross per year, 5%. And appointments with an allocation of more than 40,000 euros gross per year, 10%. “The amounts in the range will be defined according to the salary received in each institution and the degree of responsibility and exposure,” according to the document. These percentages may be increased voluntarily by those affected.

Until now, the scale used was the SMI, with a maximum of three SMI of net salary. This rule had some exceptions, mainly those referred to the care of dependents or minor children, which could lead to some charges to be charged up to 4.5 times the SMI. These circumstances are once again part of the formula for calculating the donation since the protocol states that “with a situation of dependency or with a dependent person in charge” the contribution can be reduced “by 2% -5%”.

In the case of the Secretary General, for example, his salary as Vice President of the Government is currently 77,991 gross euros. The approximate net salary, taking into account his known personal circumstances, is around 54,400 euros per year. The 15% that would correspond to donate to the party at least translates into about 8,200 euros, which would leave a real income for Iglesias of around 46,200 euros per year. An amount very similar to the 4.5 SMI of 2018, when it was set at 736 euros, which would add up to 46,368 euros. The increases of 2019 (to 900) and 2020 (to 950) were not applied to recalculate wages in Podemos.

Donations only to Podemos

The Organization Secretariat of Podemos has used two general criteria to establish the new scale. On the one hand, “the net salary received in the assignment or responsibility assigned by Podemos or on behalf of Podemos, due to the wide salary differences existing in the different institutional areas of our country.” On the other, the “institutional and organic responsibility and media exposure.” The Secretary of Organization, Alberto Rodríguez, already explained last March, when the proposal was made public, that “a secretary of state is not the same as an opposition councilor in a small town”

The new donation structure will also take into account compensation for “lost earnings” (which “will be granted as a priority to people of recognized prestige who decide to join the electoral lists”) or the per diems received by the different positions, of which ” they can make use of it up to a maximum of 60% “.

Everything that exceeds the limits set by the protocol will be entered monthly in Podemos accounts, depending on the territorial scope of each position. In this sense, there is another change over what the party has traditionally been doing. The protocol establishes that “all donations made by elected officials, appointments and government personnel will be made exclusively to Podemos.” And it will be the party who decides where the money is derived: “The destination of the donations will only be the one chosen by Podemos in its territory.” To eliminate any doubts, the text states: “Therefore, as donations to Podemos, those beneficiaries other than the party itself will not be accepted.”

Until now, the organizational documents of Podemos allowed the surpluses of the marked salaries to be donated to the party or social causes that each position could choose. Now it will be the party who decides which part remains for the organization itself or which part is allocated to a social cause. The document itself ensures that the financial independence of Podemos is one of its flags and that, in addition to the possible contributions made by militants or sympathizers, one of the main economic muscles is precisely in the donations of positions with public salaries.

The new protocol will allow, as stated, that “all elected officials, members of governments, appointments and advisers appointed by Podemos, must make their donation without exception.”


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