14 meters of nothing are a big difference

14 meters of nothing are a big difference

On January 29, it will not be possible to drive on conventional roads at more than 90 kilometers per hour and the Directorate General of Traffic (DGT) reinforces its campaign to justify the cut: at that speed 70 meters are needed to stop the vehicle, while 100 km / h 84 are required.

With the motto "14 meters nothing is a big difference", the DGT has begun to spread in social networks a new and simple video in which explains why it has decided to lower the maximum speed allowed.

A car at 90 km / h needs 70 meters to stop and 14 more if it runs at 100 km / h, which measures a football field wide, a distance that does not seem very large, but that, the DGT alerts in a statement , on the road and before any unforeseen is a big difference that, sometimes, can cost life ".

The stopping distance also increases considerably, up to almost 70%, when the ground is wet or starts to rain, at which time two football fields are needed to stop the vehicle.

The objective of the campaign is to show that less speed means less injury in the event of an accident and especially in conventional roads.


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