14 deaths and 102 new admissions at the UCIS in Madrid

The number of very seriously ill patients now rises to 794 throughout Madrid

103 new seriously admitted, 134 more patients receiving assisted breathing, 14 deaths ... This is the terrifying part of the war that the Intensive Care Units (ICU) of Madrid hospitals have thrown in the last 24 hours. The data to which LA RAZÓN has had access to about the state of these services, essential for the care of those infected by coronavirus, are devastating. There is only one who gives some respite to the intensivists who work in them and to the health authorities, who cannot cope with the avalanche of patients who rush to hospitals in this war without quarter: that of patient discharges who were critical. In total, 25 have left these critical units since yesterday morning, going from 37 registered on Friday morning to 62 on Saturday, releasing as many essential beds: In these 24 hours, the global mortality rate in the ICU it has risen, standing at 10.32%, compared to the 9.8% registered yesterday.

By hospitals, the situation is dramatic and most have already had to use additional critical beds that have been hastily installed in recent days in resuscitation units - known as REAS in medical terminology - and in operating rooms, where 90% of the surface is being dedicated to coronavirus infected, leaving the remaining 10% for surgery of patients who are serious but still free of the virus. The center with the highest number of critically ill patients is the Gregorio Marañón. Nothing more and nothing less than 55 patients remain in their ICU, 36 of them with assisted breathing. 24 hours ago the number was 44, 11 less. Immediately behind this center are La Paz and Ramón y Cajal. In both there are 44 infected admitted in a state of extreme severity. In the first 38 they receive assisted breathing. In the second, 43. Behind them is the San Carlos Clinic. Her ICU cares for 43 hospitalized 38 with respirators. At the Jiménez Díaz Foundation the number rises to 41, all of them with artificial respiration. One more day, however, these large centers of the capital bear the pressure because they still have some "muscle" for it. Worse luck runs other smaller hospitals that are not located in the city center. In them, the pressure of care is terrifying, and it does not only affect their ICUs: it moves from the emergency room to the hospital floors. The most critical are still the Severo Ochoa de Leganés, whose capacity is already exceeded, which registers 19 patients in the ICU, 17 with a respirator; the Infanta Leonor de Vallecas Hospital, with 25 very serious patients, 19 with a ventilator, the Coslada Hospital, with 16 patients in the critical unit, all with a respirator, and Torrejón, with 22 patients in this serious situation, all with a respirator .

When it comes to the number of deaths in the ICU, the party in possession of this newspaper also gives some alarming figures. The Infanta Leonor is the center with the most deaths, with a total of eight to date. Behind him are the Severo Ochoa Hospital in Leganés, with seven deaths, and Jiménez Díaz, with 6


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