13 photographers united by the investigation of childhood cancer

13 photographers united by the investigation of childhood cancer

This is a calendar that raises funds to investigate childhood cancer. In its pages there are no celebrities posing with sick children, there are no professionals in uniform or posing with little clothes. It contains 13 wonderful photos carefully selected by the publisher Rura.

13 professional photographers, authors with awards and national and international recognition, have donated their photos to fight against childhood cancer. Clara Montagut, which shares and is identified with the maxim of the Neuroblastoma Foundation, which states that "cancer is cured by researching", Has provided a careful and practical design.

The photographers who have generously joined this initiative are: Susana Girón, Ana Palacios, Fernando Gordillo, Fernando Maquieira, Hanna Jarzabek, Nacho Guadaño, Carle Alfarah, Guillermo Navarro, Elvira Lindo, Paco Llop, Valentín Suárez, María Antonia García Vega and Manu Torres.

Everyone knows that good photography transmits and excites. For this reason, during these Christmas holidays you can give solidarity and good photographs that give strength, evoke feelings and transmit a message of hope to children with cancer.

The calendar can be purchased in the website of the Neuroblastoma Foundation for € 5 the unit . The format is DINA4 size, so it is very easy to send it. It is very appropriate to share and give at Christmas parties.

Childhood cancer is very different from that of adults. It is not possible to apply the same criteria in their cure as in adult disease. Childhood cancer does not happen because of bad habits that can be prevented. It can happen to any child. It affects some 1500 children per year in Spain, being the The first cause of infant death in certain age segments. Specific research projects are required to cure children. Public funds are mainly allocated to adult cancer, and it is necessary to promote research to delve into the causes that cause childhood illness and develop therapies that reduce mortality and improve treatments. The organizations that collaborate in the sale of the calendar dedicate their efforts to finance research projects in Spain.

The calendar raises funds for four organizations that provide financial resources to investigate childhood cancer. These are the Caíco Foundation, the Iraila National Association, the Nen Association and the Neuroblastoma Foundation, which have joined in this project to contribute to the cure of childhood cancer through research.

In this initiative the company Robert Bosch collaborates with the printing of the calendar. To buy it you can go to the aforementioned entities or Acquire it in the online store.


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