13.9% of job offers are for positions that did not exist 15 years ago | Innovation

13.9% of the job offers published last year reflected vacancies to fill jobs that 15 years ago did not exist, mainly linked to new technologies, a sector that has increased the number of companies by 4.2% in this period, according to a report by Adecco and Infoempleo to which Europa Press has had access. Of the job offers published in the last year, 12.8% belong to companies in the sector of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), three tenths more than the previous year.

Within the ICT sector, IT is the one that makes a greater contribution to the set of job offers, with 42.3%. Telecommunications follow, which contribute 29.5%; the computer or telecommunications consultancy, with 15.9%, and the internet, with 10.2%.

However, according to this report, the demand for ICT professionals is shared among companies from different sectors. 11.7% of the offers come from service companies, 7.9% from the industrial sector, 5.8% from the automotive industry and 5.7% from the consultancy, among others.

Companies offer technical positions for professionals specialized in ICT in 74.6% of job offers. In 20% they look for middle managers and in 3.3%, managers. On the other hand, only a few offer jobs for employees, only 2.1%.

The most requested positions among the ICT profiles are those of programmer (16.3%), technician of electronic maintenance (16.3%), analyst programmer (9.7%), technical installer (9.7%), technician of support (9.1%), system and network operator (9.1%), project manager (7.6%) and ERP consultant.

The companies of the ICT sector of the Community of Madrid are the ones that generate the most job offers, with 38.3% of the total, followed by those of Catalonia, with a contribution of 24.5%. Between the two they add more than six of each ten offers of the sector. Behind them are Andalucía (10.2%), Comunidad Valenciana (6%) and País Vasco (5.7%).

The candidates most requested by ICT companies are those who have university studies (40.3%) or Higher Education (26%). The most demanded careers are Computer Engineering (16.3%), Telecommunications Engineering (4.1%) and Business Administration and Management (2.1%). The most required FP are those of Computing and Communications (19.8% of the offers of the sector), Electricity and Electronics (2.5%), and Administration and Management (1.9%).


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