June 16, 2021

13.7 million euros to pay 40% of the rent to more than 4,000 canaries – La Provincia

The Canary Islands Institute of Housing has published in the Official Gazette of the Canary Islands the provisional resolution of the call for the housing rental assistance program of the general quota – over 35 years old – for which they have resultedwould benefit 4,060 people,as reported by the Ministry of Public Works, Transportation and Housing. The amount distributed will pay 40% of the rent.

These are aids that have abudget of 13,750,000 euros,distributed in two annual payments of 6,875,000 euros per year, which are part of the Bilateral Agreement with the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, within the scope of the State Housing Plan 2018-2021.

In this regard, the area counselor,Sebastian Franquis,He pointed out that these items will continue to be an “essential” element of both the Covenant for Decent Housing in the Canary Islands, and the Housing Plan that will be submitted to parliament within approximately one month.

“From the Ministry,” he added, “we arecommitted to reversing the precarious situationthat many families go through when looking for housing, that is why our goal is to maintain these grants to access the rental of decent housing and speed up the evaluation and granting processes to the maximum. “

For its part, the Canarian Housing Institute (ICV) has set a non-extendable term often business days for beneficiaries to submit documentationrequired to make the subsidy effective, counted as of this Friday as it is the day following the publication of this announcement in the BOC and on the notice board of the Institute.

To do this, themodel of express acceptance of the subsidy,that will be hosted on the ICV website, the justification for the payment of the monthly rent between January 2018 and December 2019 and the authorization to the Institute to verify thecompliance with tax obligations and against Social Securityof the beneficiaries. This documentation is essential to continue the grant and if it is not delivered, the application will be waived.

The number of applications submitted for this call amounts to 12,061,Of which 4,060 applications are required to submit the aforementioned documentation within a non-extendable period of ten business days to continue the process to make these grants effective. The aid has been distributed as follows: in the province of Las Palmas to 1,748 people and in the province of Tenerife to 2,312 people.

It maintains aReserve list for 2,953 applications.Of the total amount, 3,980 applications have been withdrawn as required, while 1,063 were denied during the process. In total, the Ministry has subsidized 5,127 applications between the general quota and aid for young people in this last line, while in 2017 a single grant was made for 3,200 people.

These grants are intended forsubsidize 40% of the monthly rentof the houses, previously justified, during the biennial period included in the call, this payment being collected between the periods of January 2018 and December 2019. For people over 65 years of age, the aid amounts to 50% of the monthly income. previously referred.

Finally, all the information related to this subsidy line can be consulted through the official publication today in the BOC and the web platform of the Canarian Housing Institute at the addresswww.gobiernodecanarias.org/vivienda, as well as social networks and the official bulletin board of the Canarian Housing Institute.


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