July 5, 2020

$ 120,000 for a banana

The Italian artist, who has reappeared at an art fair, sells the piece of fruit at Art Basel Miami

Maurizio Cattelan has done it again. The provocation artist, who was robbed of a gold toilet in September, toilet that was part of an exhibition, could be used and whose theft caused a flood in the museum where it was exhibited (because it was in operation) no Leave your mind still. According to “The Art newspaper” he has returned to an art fair. He has done it in Art Basel Miami, a showcase of the most colorful to check the artistic temperature.

15 years ago he was not lavish in this type of dating and has decided, we think, to do it big and not with a common work. The artist, in his reflection on the value we give the objects, has surprised the visitors of the Perrotin gallery stand with a unique work. It is a banana that is attached to one of the walls with gray adhesive tape. The work, which starts from this thoughtful idea of ​​the artist, is sold. And it can be, without a doubt, the most expensive banana (or is it a banana?), Since it can be yours for $ 120,000 (just over 133,000 euros).

If the work is entitled "Comedy" and Cattelan acquired it in a local market in Miami. At first he considered the idea of ​​creating the fruit with different materials, including resin or bronze. However, he later chose to be a real food, as he had originally thought. The first doubts have already arisen about the moment when the banana starts to break down. It will be then when a decision is made about the future of the work. It is worth asking if the creator will periodically renew it or if the value of the piece will increase as the work changes color.

This is not the first time that Cattelan has decided to raise a banana to the artistic category (maybe Warhol has inspired him, just maybe), because when the magazine “New York Magazine” commissioned a cover to different artists (from Alex Katz and Shirin Neshat to Yoko Ono, passing through Tiravanija or Lee Quiñones and Roberto Longo) on the occasion of its fiftieth anniversary, chose to paint a banana stuck with a red tape. That is to say, that he has retaken an idea of ​​his, from a couple of years ago. The difference, in addition to the color of the jealous paper is that the fruit, if painted, does not get ugly.

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