June 21, 2021

12,000 scientists show their support for the student strike in Germany because of the weather | Society

12,000 scientists show their support for the student strike in Germany because of the weather | Society

"Young people are right". "There are no more excuses." These are some of the conclusions that have reached scientists that this Tuesday have presented in Berlin an initiative that supports the mobilization of young people against climate change and that they assure support up to 12,000 signing scientists.

For weeks now, young people from all over Europe have demonstrated on Fridays to demand that politicians act to protect the future of future generations. The movement, baptized Fridays for Future and started by the young Swedish woman Greta Thunberg, is planning to hold a large global student strike this coming Friday against global warming. In Germany alone, 180 protests are planned.

It will be this Friday, when the list of 12,000 scientists from Germany, Austria and Switzerland It will be given to the activists of the student strike. "The concern [de los jóvenes manifestantes] is justified and supported by the science available. The current measures for the protection of climate, biodiversity, forests, seas and soil are far from being sufficient, "says the text of the scientists. And adds: "Young people correctly demand that our society prioritize sustainability and climate action without further hesitation. Without a profound change, your future is in danger, "say scientists from many disciplines.

Volker Quaschning, engineer and professor of energy systems at the School of Applied Sciences in Berlin said on Tuesday that "we are the professionals and we say that this generation of young people is right and we have to thank them", in reference to the criticisms of the leader of the German liberal party FDP, which has recently said that students should leave the fight against climate change to professionals.

The German president, Frank Walter Steinmeier, has nevertheless supported the struggle of the new generations. "I'm glad that you get involved, because many adults do not want to realize that it's getting too late," he said recently. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has also supported the student protest.

The scientific popularizer Eckart von Hirschhausen criticized those in Germany who believe that the protests should take place outside school hours, because he said that no strike is held in free time. "Pilots and train drivers do not strike during their free time," he said.

Luisa Nuebauer, one of the most recognizable faces of the protest in Germany asked voters in the European elections in May to think twice before supporting a party that does not have a plan against climate change. Jakob Blasel, another activist, explained that one of his goals is to bring climate change to the political front line with a view to European elections. "We want the European elections to be the climate elections", said Blasel, of Fridays for Future.


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