June 20, 2021

12.61% of the target population, immunized with the complete regimen

In the Canary Islands, 235,879 people had received the full vaccination schedule as of Sunday. This means that 12.61% of the target population – 1,871,033 citizens – is immunized against the coronavirus. In addition, in the Archipelago there are already 490,041 residents who have been administered at least one dose of the sera approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) – this is 26.19% of the members of the priority groups -, as reported by the Regional Government Health Department. Until the weekend, 730,898 doses of compounds against Covid-19 had been inoculated on the Islands.

With groups 1 and 2 – those corresponding to residents and workers of social health centers and first-line health professionals – immunized, the process continues with group 4, that of large household dependents, of which 92.73% already you have received the full regimen with both doses.

Regarding group 5, there are already 133,986 people who have received both doses, that is, 47.02%; while 246,819 have been injected at least one – 86.61% -. Group 3 is already 100% with one dose and 30.43% with two. On the other hand, group 6 is 34.34% with one dose. Of group 7, which includes the population under 60 years of age at risk of severe Covid-19, there are 10,519 people since they have been vaccinated with one dose – 59.31% of the target population.

Given the advance of vaccination of vulnerable groups and the arrival of sufficient doses, Health has also taken up the agendas of groups 3 – other health and social health personnel not included in group 2 – and 6 – essential personnel in which they are included , among other groups, teachers and local police – and this weekend he resumed the inoculation of the group of teachers, firefighters and local police.

59.3% Under 60

  • Until last Sunday, 10,519 children under 60 years of age at risk of severe Covid-19 had received a dose of the vaccine, this represents 59.3% of the target population.

92.7% Large dependents

  • 92.7% of the large household dependents have already received the complete vaccination schedule, as reported yesterday by the Regional Government’s Health Department.


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