12.6% increase in the average expenditure of trips of Spaniards abroad – La Provincia

12.6% increase in the average expenditure of trips of Spaniards abroad - La Provincia

Residents in SpainThey increased their trips by 2.3%in the first nine months of the year with respect to the same period of 2017, and spent a6.8% more, according to the data of the Survey of Tourism of Residents (ETR / Familitur) elaborated by the National Institute of Statistics (INE).

During the January-September period, the increase in trips made by Spaniards was widespread, both in thetrips with main destination Spain(+ 1.4%) as in trips abroad (+ 11.6%).

In terms of spending, the growth was4.1% in internal tripsand 12.6% in journeys abroad, as shown by the data.

The secretary ofState of Tourism,Isabel Oliver,has qualified"very positive"These data and has held that the travel of residents in Spain follow the same growing trend in the spending of international tourists, they are "an unmistakable signal" of the economic recovery in the country and the "robustness of the tourism sector."

In the first nine months spending on bars and restaurants in theinternal travel grows 3.9%compared to the same period of 2017. It also highlights the increase in spending on transport in trips abroad, whichit was up 20%.

In fact, thetrips abroad by planethey increased by 21.2% in the first nine months of the year and they are internal in own vehicle grow only0.6%.The trip by car concentrates 84.4% of internal trips, and in 57% of the trips abroad the airplane is used, with an increase of 18.6%.

Bytravel typology, the trips ofleisure increased to September by 2.9%while visits to family or friends grew by 0.5%.

During nine first months of the year, Spaniards who traveled within the national territory stayed infamily homesor friends decrease by 0.1%. On the other hand, trips abroad in hotel accommodation increased by 11.7%.

Third quarter of the year

Atthird trimesterof the year, between July and September, residents inSpain made 65.6 million trips, which represents an increase of 2.6% compared to the same period of 2017, and spent 19,055 million euros, 4.6% more.

In thetrips with national destination, rose by 2.3%the total expenditure made, with a daily average cost of 40 euros. In the trips abroad, the growth was 9.3% with a daily average cost of 90 euros.

89.2% of the trips made by Spaniards in the third quarter had as their main destination the national territory, with a1.5% increasewith respect to the same period of 2017. On the other hand, trips abroad, which represent 10.8% of the total, increased by 12.2% in this period.

The main reason to travelit remained leisure, both for those who chose an internal destination (58.8% of the total) and a foreign destination (69.4%). In fact, 60% of trips made in the third quarter were for leisure, recreation and vacations, with an increase of 2.2%.

Visits to family or friends, who represent the31.3% of the total, registered an annual growth of 2.6%. On the other hand, business and professional travel increased by 4.9% and 4.2%, respectively.

By type of accommodation, in the45.4% of trips with internal destinationthe residents are accommodated in the homes of family or friends. Almost 26.6 million trips use this type of accommodation, with an annual increase of 2.3%. In trips abroad, hotel accommodation is the preferred option (44.8% of trips), with an increase of 10.5% compared to the third quarter of 2017.

Andalusia, Catalonia and the Valencian Community

The main autonomous communities of destination of the trips of the residents in Spain during the third quarter wereAndalusia, with 17.3%of total trips,Catalonia (12.7%)and Valencian Community (11.4%).

Balearics(846 trips per 1,000 inhabitants),Canary Islands(980) andCantabria(1,055) were the communities with fewer travelers in the period.

On the contrary, the residents of theMadrid's communitythey consolidated as the most travelers in the third quarter with 19.5% of the total of those made, behindCatalonia(17% of the total) andAndalusia(15.4%). In relation to the population, Madrid also ranks first (1,918 trips per thousand inhabitants), followed by residents in Aragón (1,728) and Navarra (1,596).

Theaverage expenseHighest diary in destination was made inBalearics(67 euros), Canary Islands (59 euros) and the Community of Madrid (57), compared to the lowest in Castilla-La Mancha (26 euros), La Rioja (27 euros) and Extremadura (28 euros).

By Autonomous Community of origin, the highest average daily expenditure is made by residents inCanary Islands(62 euros), Cantabria (60 euros), Galicia and La Rioka (both 55 euros) with data from the third quarter.

Falls the expense in tourist packages

By expense items, tour packagesthey represented 8.8% of the totalin the third quarter, with a decrease in spending of 7.4%. In trips within the national territory, this item fell by 7.3%, while in trips abroad it grew by 2.7% in the third quarter.

Out of the expenses intourist packages, during the third quarter housing spending was the one that grew the most, with an increase of13.4%, representing 25% of the total. It was followed by transport spending, which increased by 10.5% (21.3% of the total), with an increase in spending on this item in national trips of 9.4% and 12.2% in trips abroad.


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