February 26, 2021

119 skulls found in Mexico in a tower of skulls from the Aztec period

A team of archaeologists has found in City of Mexico 119 skulls that are part of a tower of skulls belonging to the Aztec period, as announced this Friday by the Ministry of Culture of the Country.

Researchers have detected a site several meters deep that is believed to belong to the east side and the external façade of the Huei Tzompantil tower of skulls, a platform built between 1486 and 1502 in honor of the god of war Huitzilopochtli in ancient Tenochtitlan, capital of the Aztec empire on which the current Mexico City was built.

The skulls are fragmented and between them there would be possibly three childrenAccording to experts, they attribute the destruction of the skulls to the actions of the Spanish and their allies during the capture of the city.

The findings are part of a larger investigation that began five years ago when the first vestiges of the northwestern part of the building, which is 4.7 meters in diameter, were located. There are believed to be six other similar buildings in the city.

In that part of the wall, 484 skulls were found, which are suspected to have been sacrifices, since, at the time, they were believed to be necessary to keep the gods alive and “give continuity to the existence of the universe.

The findings have been made during the renovation of a building in the current Mexican capital and have been classified as “one of the most impressive archaeological finds of recent years in the country” by the Secretary of Culture of the Government, Alejandra Frausto.


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