119 rescued people from two boats arrived in good condition

119 rescued people from two boats arrived in good condition

The 119 people of sub-Saharan origin arrive in good condition to the Port of Motril (Granada) with the exception of 3 Asians, who were rescued this afternoon by the Salvamar Hamal of Maritime Rescue in the vicinity of Alborán when they were traveling in two boats.

In the group, the Maritime Service of the Civil Guard has reported 17 women, at least four minors and 98 men.

The immigrants have been assisted on arrival at the port dock, requiring first health and food assistance.

According to reports from Red Cross sources, most of the migrants served had a good state of health, and only some of them who had physical problems caused by dizziness, possibly due to the trip, have required special attention. had to be taken care of in the infirmary that the humanitarian organization has in the port dock.

Throughout the day, Maritime Rescue and the Civil Guard have rescued 516 people in eleven boats located in the Alboran Sea.

Among the 516 volunteers, six immigrants were included who managed to reach the island of Alboran by their own means and which have already been collected by the media deployed in the area.

A spokesman for Maritime Rescue has informed Efe that as of 7:00 am the coordinating center of Almería has received consecutive notices of boat trips from Morocco or sightings of other boats.


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