110 years of information are well worth celebrating

Jose Antonio Valbuena

Jose Antonio Valbuena
The province

If there is a reliable indicator of the evolution of societies, it is undoubtedly the press, which is not only a reflection of what happened, but also of social structures, since in reading it you can guess the degree of freedom of expression of the society. society in which it develops and the maturity of readers and communicators.

An essential tool in advanced societies and a spur to the most reactionary, the press and its workers are also agents of reflection and change and must be respected and protected in the exercise of their work by those of us who love freedom of expression and opinion.

For this reason, an anniversary as round as that of La Provincia deserves a congratulation. 110 years of information and service to Canarian society going through good and not so good times to reach the present time with a strong header, which has known how to adapt to the new times and with a staff of great professionals. Congratulations to the whole team.

But it also deserves that the citizens who enjoy its services celebrate it. The good practice of journalism is learned from great professionals and is experienced, above all, in the media with a long history. It is these media that have been working on their independence over time, knowing that they are the trustees of the readers' trust. Let's celebrate that in our land we have and have been able to conserve headers with more than a century of history capable of maintaining the pulse of today.


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