March 7, 2021

11-year prisoner sentenced to assaulting aggressor of "Ni una menos" Peru

The Court of Justice of Lima North sentenced this Monday to 11 years in prison for the crime of attempted feminicide to the aggressor of the Peruvian lawyer Arlette Contreras, promoter of the movement "Ni una menos" in Peru.

The referee found Adriano Pozo guilty of the crime of feminicide in the degree of attempt to aggravate Contreras, whose case, denounced since 2015, became a symbol of the fight against male violence in the country.

The Court also requested the payment of civil compensation for 20,000 soles (about $ 6,000) in favor of Contreras. However, the Chamber acquitted him for attempted rape.

On this, Contreras said, after the reading of the sentence, that she feels "outraged" because Pozo, who was not present during the hearing, was not sanctioned for attempted rape.

"It is a half sentence that leaves me with a distaste, which makes me very bad and that revictimizes me because my defense and I are going to appeal this sentence because we do not agree," Contreras told reporters.

Contreras also rejected that the Chamber has ordered against Pozo "only 11 years (of prison), when the Prosecutor's Office requested 14 years".

"I feel outraged and I am dissatisfied with this sentence, they say I have not suffered from post-traumatic stress, what is it like I feel, they say that this four years of torture does not mean anything, this has ruined my life during all these years. I need to recover and they will not let me, "said a mortified Contreras.

"This is institutional violence and I do not agree with this ruling," he concluded.

During the sentencing hearing, the Court did not announce any restrictive measure against Pozo Arias, but announced that the sentence will be read on Thursday, July 18.

Adriano Pozo attacked Arlette Contreras in July 2015 in the lobby of a hotel in the Andean region of Ayacucho.

The images captured by the hotel cameras, later disseminated by the media, showed how Contreras was beaten and dragged by Pozo's hair, who was naked and looked totally out of control.

Arlette Contreras is one of the most valued activists in the fight against gender violence in Peru, a task that was recognized in 2017 by the United States Department of State with the International Prize of "Women Courage".

Also by the American magazine Time, which included her as one of the 100 most important women in the world in the same year, and recognized with the "Defender of Human Rights 2018" by the British embassy in Peru.

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