103 physicians, 247 nurses, 179 nursing assistants, and 39 radiologists

The Community of Madrid will begin this Thursday the process to provide health personnel to the new pandemic hospital in Valdebebas. This process will consist of requesting volunteers from other Madrid hospitals, without any additional hiring being planned. The regional government plans to open in the coming weeks only one of the three pavilions in the building, which will house 240 beds and 16 intensive care posts and 32 intermediate care posts. The Ministry of Health has already reported that it will need 669 health professionals to open that pavilion.

Hospital opens in Madrid with a thousand beds without hiring doctors or nursing staff

Hospital opens in Madrid with a thousand beds without hiring doctors or nursing staff

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Specifically, the needs of Nurse Isabel Zendal that the regional government will take out of the rest of the hospitals are distributed as follows: 103 doctors, 247 nurses, 8 physiotherapists, 6 social workers, 1 occupational risk prevention technician, 39 radiodiagnosis technicians , 6 laboratory technicians, 179 nursing assistants, 7 pharmacy assistants, 60 orderlies, 8 administrative assistants for admission and patient care, and 5 administrative assistants for worker care and management.

The regional government continues to defend, against the criteria of the unions and health personnel, that the new hospital will serve to "reduce" the pressure on care from the rest of the Madrid Health Service (SERMAS) hospitals, "so that they can progressively recover non-COVID activity, both on the waiting list, as well as surgical activity and consultation activity ". "The objective is that this new endowment serves as support and support to the rest of the public health network of the Community of Madrid," they defend from the regional Executive despite the fact that they will remove personnel resources from the rest of the hospitals.

The Ministry of Health will open from this Thursday the process of voluntary assignment of health professionals to work in the new public emergency Hospital Nurse Isabel Zendal. The General Directorate of Human Resources and Labor Relations of the Ministry has held a meeting this Wednesday with the representatives of the unions in the Sectorial Table to discuss the process, which will begin with the publication of the call resolution and the sending of the instructions to the management of the hospitals of the public network.

The new hospital has already cost more than 100 million euros, double what it was tendered for (51 million). The doubts of the health sector and the opposition about this new infrastructure lie in whether a new hospital was necessary without attempting to reinforce the staff with new hires.

The Madrid president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, responded this Wednesday to the criticisms: "I want you to stop trying to torpedo the operation of a hospital that is very necessary, very good, which is a Spain brand, the first hospital next to an airport, that it means that the Community of Madrid and Spain as a whole are prepared to face the virus.


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