March 1, 2021

100% electric Mercedes arrive in the Canary Islands – La Provincia

The distributor Flick will land the first 100% electric Mercedes-Benz cars in the Canary Islands from the second week of September of this 2019, as a spokesperson for the company told Europa Press.

Specifically it is the newEQC, an SUV whose main strength will be autonomy, officially recognized in 417 kilometers but that under certain conditions, which are possible on the islands, could reach 470. And it has a recharge system that slows the engine slightly while driving using the very useful, for this purpose, constant ups and downs of the Canarian orography.

In adomestic charging stationthat in Mercedes they call Wallbox the drivers will be able to charge the car 100% in about 11 hours instead of the 41 that would be invested to do the same with a standard household electrical outlet.

In addition, there will be the possibility of accelerating the process even more through an adaptation that will cost less than 400 euros and that enables the car to connect to the CCS fast charging stations. There are not yet any of these stations up to 100 kW / h inGran Canariabut it will allow to load faster with those of up to 50 kW / h that already exist or in the home itself.

Likewise, Mercedes-Benz guarantees that the battery will maintain a capacity of at least 70 percent for 8 years or 160,000 kilometers and that they have no memory effect, so it is recommended to charge it at any available time. The EQC will generate a power of 408 hp and 785 Nm, which will allow it to accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in 5.1 seconds. Its maximum speed, limited, is 180 kilometers per hour.


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