August 3, 2020

10 things you might not know about Harry Potter – La Provincia

The magical world of J.K. Rowling is more alive than ever after the premiere of 'Fantastic Animals: The Grindelwald Crimes'. The story, however, goes back much further with the arrival of Harry Potter books 20 years ago to Spain. Taking advantage of this date so indicated we review 20 curiosities of Harry Potter that perhaps you did not know.

1. Neville could have been Harry

Although this peculiar prophecy is not mentioned in the movies, it is mentioned in the books that Neville may have been the one to face Voldemort. The prophecy that does appear in 'The Order of the Phoenix' told that the son of those who faced the dark Lord on 3 occasions and born in July would be the one who finished with him. curiously both Neville and Harry met the requirements, but Voldemort chose Harry because he was also a mestizo.

2. Harry can no longer speak parsel

One of the skills of the magician child that is presented from 'The Philosopher's Stone' is his ability to speak with snakes. In 'The secret chamber' it is explained that it is a rare peculiarity mainly associated with the Slytherins. However, being bound to the Horcrux that inhabited Harry's ability disappears at the same time as the piece of soul of Voldemort.

3. Mestizos and squibs

In the films it is explained who are the mestizos, also called dirty blood, but unlike the books they never mention the squibs. If the mestizos are those wizards born of Muggles, non-magical people, what squibs are the opposite, non-magical people, children of magicians. In fact, Argus Filch, the endearing character always accompanied by his cat, Mrs. Norris, is a squib.


4. Harry Potter was the lord of death

The fable of the three brothers gives the starting signal to the outcome of the whole saga. It tells how death gives a wish to each of the three brothers and as a result creates the resurrection stone, the invisibility cloak and the elder wand. Before facing Voldemort there is a time when Harry is the possessor of all the relics and is, therefore, the lord of death.

5. The Horcruxes were all destroyed by different people

The Voldemort's soul was fragmented into 7 parts that ended up in different objects. Harry destroyed Tom Riddle's diary, Dumbledore did the same with Morvolo Gaunt's ring, Slytherin's locket was destroyed by Ron, the Hufflepuff cup by Hermione, Ravenclaw's diadem succumbed by accident to a Crabbe spell, Voldemort destroyed the Harry Potter's Horcrux and Neville cut off Nagini's head.

6. We saw the first relic of the womanerte in 'The Philosopher's Stone'

During the first Christmas that Harry Potter spends in Hogwarts receives a mysterious letter and a very special gift. The invisibility cloak makes its first appearance in this scene during the first book.

7. Patronus with meaning

Ron's patronus is shaped like a Jack Russel terrier. This species pursues otters in real life and, as it happens, that the patronus of Hermione is nothing more and nothing less than an otter. Would you be giving us clues J.K. Rowling that these characters would end up together?

8. J.K Rowling relied on her own depression to create one of her creatures

It is well known that the author of Harry Potter began to write books in a very complicated moment of his life. Dementors are the reflection of the depression that came to pass, beings that absorb positive positivity and good memories of people leaving only bad experiences.

9. Richard Harris and a special request

The first actor who played the director of Hogwarts, Albus Dumbledore, was Richard Harris and almost on behalf of his granddaughter. This assured him that If I did not accept the paper, I would never speak to him again in life. Harris was Dumbledore in the first two films until his death.

10. Harry in favor of the Malfoys

Little is counted what happened after the war at Hogwarts, but in the books something else is deepened. J.K. Rowling told how Harry testified in favor of the Malfoy family during the subsequent trials of the Death Eaters. In fact, thanks to Potter, they did not enter Azkaban.


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