10 (technological) barriers for older people

Beyond the lines, you must have the skill to place the card in the correct slot and remember the security code. They often end up asking strangers for help. they also feel great insecurity for operating in the middle of the street.

Panic to transfers

the fear of make a mistake in the account number when making a transfer is paralyzing. Many elderly people express the insecurity that they feel when they do not know if their money is traveling to its destination correctly.

The via crucis of healing

Health services apps are a trap for many if they decide to use them. Too often, they find it difficult to write down and synthesize the health problems they have.

The previous appointment

Many elderly people find that an appointment is needed to carry out any procedure. If doing it over the internet is gibberish, over the phone they collide with the unknown language of the robot.

"OK Google, what's your name?"

Núria bought her mother a voice assistant so that every day she would remind her of the pills she had to take. The lady forgot the assistant's name. She or she did not pronounce it correctly.

The labyrinth of telephone robots

Telephone service is not a simple matter either. First you have to have the number to call, get through the maze of "press 1, press 2…" and, most exasperating for many, synthesize the problem so that the machine doesn't understand them.

There is no leisure without online reservation

Many find that to buy tickets for shows they have to do it online, something that excludes them from culture and leisure or makes them dependent. And if they think about going to the box office, they can run out of room.

The sudoku of the teleintelligent

There is a new world of streaming entertainment that they see from far away. Not only to register on the platforms, but to navigate through them with the TV remote control requires completing an impossible sudoku puzzle.

Chaos in the electronic shift

Even if you go to do a procedure in person, in many places you must obtain a number in a machine to reserve a place in a virtual queue. Something simple for many, is a headache for others.

Click scams

Anyone with a phone can check the number of scams one gets on their device. In this sense, the group of older people is especially vulnerable.

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