10 messages from writers to the migrant caravan | Culture

10 messages from writers to the migrant caravan | Culture

Sergio Ramírez, Nicaraguan novelist

To my Central American brothers who march towards the United States border, I can only give them a voice of encouragement, telling them that this exodus is the result of injustice, inequality, lack of opportunities and desire to find what they are looking for.

Jorge Ramos, Mexican journalist

We must treat them with the same generosity and solidarity with which we would like to receive us.

Patricio Fernández, Chilean chronicler

Take care Hopefully they achieve their goal, do not encounter human barbarism and run into solidarity and hope. I hope to visit you these days.

Alma Delia Murillo, Mexican writer

We are all survivors, Mexico is many countries and a large part of us have been educated in opening our borders, in welcoming people from abroad, in solidarity with their passage through Mexico.

Gonçalo Tavares, Portuguese writer

I want the borders transformed in a sudden way into jelly and that the caravan is eating them.

Álvaro Enrigue, Mexican novelist

Mexico belongs to everyone, also to them. I am alive because this country admitted my grandfather when he left a French concentration camp. They have absolute right to claim what my family achieved. This is an open land and a land of migrants.

Ondjuka, Angolan writer

I heard a few days ago a migrant thanking Mexican solidarity and I thought: "Why do not you stay in Mexico?" I understand that that is not the issue but it is dangerous [cruzar la frontera]. I also hope that this country will say: "Stay here."

Dulce María Cardoso, Portuguese writer

Have courage and resistance. They have my solidarity. A tragedy is happening in which we are all failing. When there are so many people looking for another home, the problem is with all of us. I wish you luck. Be brave

José Eduardo Agualusa, Angolan writer

Nobody wants to leave their country, people do it because they are obligated. In Angola, during the war, a part of the population went to Portugal. When the conflict ended and the country was democratized no one left. Now the opposite phenomenon occurs: Portuguese and Brazilians go to Angola to work. If it is desired to stop the migratory movements, peace must be achieved and development must be fair.

Leonardo Tarifeño, Mexican chronicler

Things are going to change. This policy of walls and this alleged indifference that seems to be viralized on the Internet is a product of anger that is manipulated so that people think less and think more. Actually, there is no Trump wall, only prototypes that he installed to make populism during the campaign. In the United States, a budget line for its construction has not been approved. This already exploded. Things can not go so bad, they will get better.


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