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10 keys to Joaquin Phoenix's Joker trailer

10 keys to Joaquin Phoenix's Joker trailer

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The Joker of Joaquin Phoenix has already given his first and loud laugh in the form of a trailer. The advance of the film directed by Todd Phillips has caused a sensation among the fans, who has been fascinated by the dark and sinister tone of this version of the clown prince of crime.

A first advance that has left interesting images that already generate questions among the public. Although the absolute protagonist is Arthur Fleck, the advance does not forget certain characters that will be fundamental for what will be the darkest film about a DC Comics character. And, as the trailer itself says, "Gotham is not what it was ..."

With an atmosphere typical of Martin Scorsese's cinema, it is impossible not to think of 'Taxi Driver', 'Wild Bull' or 'The King of Comedy'. It is time to review the ten keys of the trailer of the Joker version embodied by Joaquin Phoenix.


The first thing that has attracted attention is the appearance of a very young Bruce Wayne, played by Dante Pereira-Olson. In a few seconds, the Joker appears to force a smile with his hands. Now, why is Arthur Fleck hanging around the Wayne family residence?


The fact that the Joker prowled near the Wayne's mansion, suggests that there must be some kind of connection between Batman's father and the clown prince of the crime, especially when Thomas Wayne is seen asking for his arrest on television. In addition, in another sequence, Arthur is expelled from Wayne Hall during an event related to 'Modern Times', Charles Chaplin's classic.


Penny Fleck, Arthur's mother, will play an important role in the journey to the protagonist's madness. As the Joker himself says in the trailer: "My mother always tells me to smile and make a happy face, she says I have a mission, to bring laughter and joy to the world". In the advance, the harlequin appears living moments of happiness along with his progenitor. The maternal-filial relationship will be one of the triggers of the personality change of the villain.


Returning to Fleck's relationship with the Wayne family, another aspect that attracts a lot of attention is the manifestation surrounding Wayne Hall. A crowd with the Joker's masks appears, as a sign of support and facing the police. What's more, Arthur Fleck uses the protests to blend in with the crowd and carry out his Machiavellian plans. The question now is, how does the Joker have such a large support mass?


The trailer makes it clear that it will be a film for the showcase of its protagonist. In fact, you can see a brief summary of his beginnings as a failed comic, socially marginalized and humiliated by people, to be the king of the crime in which he ends up becoming.


In several key points of the trailer, Joaquin Phoenix plays the iconic and perverse laugh of the villain, in what will seem the moments in which he will go more into his spiral of madness. One of them is during a monologue show and another in which he appears dressed as a clown in the subway and laughs loudly alone. In addition, there is a scene in a dressing room in which Arthur tries to extend the length of his smile.


The phrase is said by Thomas Wayne while the police search for the Joker. The truth is that, looking at the city in the trailer, it looks very different. In fact, in the advance, it seems more dismal than in the latest versions of the DC films, closer to the sobriety of Christopher Nolan's trilogy, but with a sordid touch that makes him remember the Scorsese cinema.


One of the most shocking scenes is the back of Joaquin Phoenix wriggling like Kayako from the Japanese horror film 'The Curse'. Together with the extreme thinness of the actor, everything points to the fact that the transformation in the Joker will not only be mental, but also physical.


Among the characters that can briefly be seen in the trailer, highlights Sophie Dumond, played by Zazie Beetz, which changes the bold Domino of 'Deadpool 2' by a cynical single mother, which will be the love interest of Arthur. Will it still be when it becomes the Joker?


In the trailer the Joker can be seen entering the Arkham psychiatric hospital. The reason for his entry into the insane asylum is not revealed, but it will be fundamental in the transformation of Arthur. "Is it my thing or do people go away, more and more, the clamp?" says the protagonist shortly before seeing him inside the enclosure.



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