10 Jumilla wines for less than 10 euros to fall in love with the Monastrell grape

Jumilla is a Protected Designation of Origin located between Murcia and a part of Albacete that, formerly, was known for its overproduction. But today it is increasingly recognized by the extraordinary quality of its wines at unbeatable prices.

Six wines from the Valencian Community to get started for less than 20 euros

Six wines from the Valencian Community to get started for less than 20 euros

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Probably, the main cause of its qualitative excellence is the monastrell, a marvelous sweet, sweet, powerful and fruity variety that, even without barrel, gives some elegant and light young men; although there are also great crianza wines that go very well for aging and, beware, some typical sweet red wines that must be explored further.

Other causes of this quality are the peculiarities of this area, composed of organic farming in 99% of the vineyards and by the largest reserve of “free foot” in Europe. In other words, surviving strains of the phylloxera plague that new generations have managed to conserve and take advantage of.

For this report we have tasted a representative range of DOP Jumilla organic wines for less than 10 euros, some of which are part of the winners’ podium of the 26 DOP Jumilla Wines Quality Contest.

Winners with Gold Medal

Luzón Pink Collection 2019, from Bodegas Luzón, is a Monastrell rosé that deservedly won the gold medal in the aforementioned contest. Aromatically it is very pleasant, fruity, and on the palate it is light, fresh, mineral, citric and floral. A perfect wine to drink with nothing, because it also only has 12.5% ​​Vol. 6.90 euros.

50 Syrah 2018 Barrels, from Bodegas Alceño, is a powerful Syrah with 15% Monastrell that has been aged for six months. A perfect blend for aging that will be interesting to compare 10 years from now.

Right now, ask for a decanter or open it an hour before, because, on the nose, in a first approach, it is alcoholic. When it is opened it amounts to balsamic, herbaceous, like when you walk into a herbalist. In the mouth, the red and black fruit stands out and leaves an interesting aftertaste, steak through. 14.5% Vol and 9 euros.

Pío del Ramo Roble 2017, from Bodegas Pío del Ramo, it is a very representative blend of the Monastrell, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon area, with a semi-aging of four months. Fennel, liquorice, roots of the Mediterranean understory come out; and it fills your mouth a lot, making it perfect for stews such as meat with almond sauce. 15% Vol and 6.75 euros.

House of the Hermitage crianza 2017, by Esencia Wines, is another blend of Monastrell, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah from vineyards in the Sierra del Carche, at an altitude of 700 meters, a virtue to which nine months are added in new barrels.

With well-sifted tannins, at their point to give a lot of taste, it is fine, balanced, very easy and pleasant to drink. It is subtle on the nose, raisin, with notes of black beer and blackberry. Stick with a scrambled eggs with mushrooms and ham. 14% Vol and 8.95 euros.

Sweet Amatus 2019, from Bodegas Bleda, is the Gold Medal for sweet wines from Jumilla. It smells like you are eating a cheesecake with a wine jam; And it tastes as if you were eating the grapes on New Year’s Eve, natural and with the seeds, with that little astringency but with all the sweetness of overripeness. 15% Vol and 9.90 euros.

Other rich and representative wines of the DO

Xenys Red wine 2020 organic Monastrell, from Bodegas Xenysel, is a young wine from old vines. Very interesting and curious on the nose because it smells quite like leather, very ripe fruit; and then it is passion in the mouth, red fruits, an acidity at the end playful, soft, easy, a powerful explosion of strawberry in the mouth. 14.5% Vol and 4 euros.

Viñahonda Organic + Ecological, by Bodegas Silvano García, is a limited edition of Monastrell from organic vineyards on stony and limestone soils that produce a bright cherry red wine, with aromas of ripe wild fruits, roasted and leather, and with a fruitful finish that it sits on your tongue and tastes like toast with red fruit jam. Powerful, powerful. 14.5% Vol and 6.85 euros.

Juan Gil Blanco 2019, from Bodegas Juan Gil, is one of those dangerous targets, one of which you ask for a drink by drinking a bottle and ordering another. A very easy to drink wine, light as well as unctuous, refreshing; citrus but also with a lot of white stone fruit and dry, despite coming from the Muscat variety. With a salmon tartare it is delicious. 13.5% Vol and 6.40 euros.

3015 Monastrell 2019 Ecological, from Ego Bodegas, has two months in the barrel and a lot of black fruit on the nose. An elegant wine that allows you to enjoy the sweet character of this variety but with a peppery touch and very well balanced tannins. 14% Vol and 7.50 euros.

Eya 2019 Monastrell Ecological, from the small family winery Bodegas Carchelo, which works on a small scale with its organic Monastrell vineyards with manual harvesting, it is a fruity and fun wine with lots of black fruit and liquorice. A palatable and strong red, with a great finish on the tip of the tongue. 14.5% Vol and 5.95 euros

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