1 out of 3 people confess to spying on their partner's mobile phone on at least one occasion – The Province

1 out of 3 people confess to spying on their partner's mobile phone on at least one occasion - The Province

Marital monitoring is a bad practice, often characterized by its discretion and anonymity but with a significant number of adherents and practitioners in our country. Technicians and experts denounce the existence of an underground market of companies and specialized websites for the sale of applications for conjugal espionage. Spain is a country of infidels in which the divorce rate exceeds 130,000 ruptures annually, a social situation that already affects 53% of couples. All in one country, Spain, where more than 350 couples formalize their divorce every 24 hours.

The irresistible temptation to spy on the affective counterpart is part of popular culture and constitutes a practice as old as human civilization itself. Search through the foreign list of SMS or WhatsApp's; spying on correspondence or acquiring applications designed to monitor the movements of a spouse have become common practice, all in one context, that of the gender violence in full political and social debate. Worrying figures of gender have been added bad practices such as identity theft on Twitter or Facebook, the revelation of secrets or sexual assaults through bidders and sentimental demand on the Internet. Cyber-gender violence includes practices such as censoring photos that your partner shares on their social networks, requiring the spouse to show their geolocation, monitor their profiles, spy on their mobile phones or show anger at the social relationships your partner develops in digital spaces.

In Badajoz, a 50-year-old man was arrested after checking that he installed more than 15 applications on his wife's cell phone in order to monitor the photos and messages she sent through his terminal. In Andalusia, a man has been sentenced to one year in prison for threatening his partner through social networks.

For many jealous souls, knowing who our spouse is related to can become a real personal torment. Spain tends in a special way to these practices, proof of this we have in the proliferation of companies dedicated to providing the market with gadgets and gadgets, it is about taming all kinds of potential suspicions using tools for conjugal control. The mobile phone has become one of those great references, take a look at the terminal of the beloved is an increasingly common practice. The countermeasures are not lacking: having a telephone and a number other than the official one is usually the most used counter-resource to avoid being caught with a potential infidelity. Different websites allow you to monitor the movements of the couple, know where they are going and at what time through a map in real time.


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