March 1, 2021

1.8 million workers affected by the new calculation of part-time pension

The sentence of Constitutional Court (TC) that cancels the formula for calculating the retirement pension for those hired part-time will affect, approximately, 1.8 million workers. This is what the trade union CC.OO. says, which states, however, that although this could be the "Theoretical universe", of the figure should be deducted those workers who had already been corrected their situation through the measures that were adopted in the reform of 2013. In this way, the specific number of affected will be "in a relevant figure" but less than 1.8 million people. The union recalls that the number of people with a partial contract in Spain amounts to 2.9 million, of which 75% are women. According to CC.OO., the ruling of the Constitutional Court comes to close the circle of the reforms that have taken place in this matter in recent years and which aimed to try to ensure equal treatment between part-time and full-time workers, reports Efe. However, the union recognizes that although these reforms were useful to correct the situation of very large groups, they have not been able to resolve all of the situations. CC.OO. stresses, furthermore, that this issue should help to place the focus on the increasing use of part-time contracts, which, in their view, are often used in an "undue or fraudulent" manner.

"The reform of part-time Social Security legislation must be consistent with a comprehensive reform of part-time work, which brings back the labor deregulation that in recent decades has had this type of employment, "he concludes.

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