August 8, 2020

1-1-2 Canarias reinforces its campaign "Risk0" for a safe Christmas – La Provincia

From the profile @ 112canarias, which has more than 168,200 followers, and under hashtags # Risk0 Y #Christmas Insurance, remember how act correctly to avoid or minimize damage before a possible emergency situation in events with large influx of public.

In this sense, it is fundamental to know the location of the emergency exits of the enclosure in which we are, not to be located in places from which we can fall in case of being pushed and if an altercation or a violent act is present, it is advisable to move away from the place and immediately inform the local security service or notify through 1-1-2 to the Corps and Security Forces.

In addition, on these dates when Increase travel and road trips, we must exercise extreme caution and not drink if we are going to drive, in addition to not publishing on the social networks the dates of absence from home.

With this Bell In addition, it is intended to avoid accidents related to the use of small-sized pyrotechnic articles, which would not occur with the implementation of preventive measures such as, for example, not keeping this type of artifacts between clothing since an accidental ignition could cause burns of different grade.

On the other hand, it insists on the risk of home fires. In this sense, it is emphasized the importance of reviewing the Christmas light set every year, whether new or used, and not using it if it is not approved or in perfect condition since it could cause a short circuit, and the correct use of candles for home decoration, they must be placed in firm candlesticks, which do not fall easily and away from the rest of the ornaments, highly flammable on many occasions.

We must not forget the security of the smallest of the house in these dates. In this sense, it should be avoided that they are injured by not using, for example, small or removable ornaments that children can take to their mouths, check that the toys they receive comply with the regulations and are appropriate for their age, and that use bicycles and skates with regulatory protection.

Finally, the Coordinating Center Remember that in case of any emergency you should immediately call 1-1-2, detailing as far as possible the place where you are, what has happened, how many are affected or injured and their status, so that the appropriate emergency resources are activated. the situation and can get to the scene of the incident quickly.


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