1-0. Real Valladolid end up suffering to add a new victory

1-0. Real Valladolid end up suffering to add a new victory

Real Valladolid ended up suffering in the last minutes of the second half, after dominating practically the whole match, against a Huesca who grew up to face the local goal, but could not break the blanquivioleta defense, which gave one more victory to the team.

The need for Huesca was evident at the start of the match, as the players came out with intensity, but the defense of the locals was very serious and did not allow the rival to reach the area, while they were launching the offensive tactics, to try to surprise the Leo Franco.

A Leo Franco who dispensed with two of the referents of the Huescan painting, Cucho y Gallar, in search of a revulsive, but that initial pressure was diluted to make way for a Real Valladolid that began to control the game, with a Alcaraz at a high level and more creative capacity. While Huesca only had a very distant shot from Chimy, who went out, Sergio González's team started giving announcements, with good plays and combinations, like the one starring Michel, who offered a perfect pass from the right to Cop, although he came to the area with a lot of power and his shot was not effective.

That local siege resulted in a clear lack in the center of the area that Alcaraz was commissioned to shoot with a perfect shot, which ended at the bottom of the network defended by Jovanovic, and that opened the scoreboard of the José Zorrilla stadium.

The goal was a jug of cold water for the Huesca, who could do nothing before the good administration of the vallisoletanos ball, which did not allow the score to vary before the break.

There was barely time for the teams to settle, and Cop wasted an opportunity, after a glaring failure of the visiting defense and, on the next play, Nacho provided a great center to Leo Suárez, who scored in the lead, although the goal was canceled by the referee to check in the VAR that was out of play of the left side Madrid.

That gave wings to Huesca, who began to show more offensive bite, especially with the entry into the playing field of Gallar and Cucho, which was later added Longo, in a clear attempt to look for points before a Real Valladolid that was folding more.

Even so, Cop could have given more advantage to his team, but he failed in his decision and threw directly into the hands of goal Huesca, when waiting for the center Antoñito, totally alone within the area. There was no place for laments, since the Huesca was about to tie the game were it not because Semedo hit badly, a few meters from Masip, and the ball was lost over the local goal.

There were ten minutes of suffering, in which the locals needed to maintain the concentration to withstand the attacks of Huesca and Leo Franco, inspiration to get something positive from his visit to Zorrilla, who searched until the end, but did not find it and , therefore, the three points remained in Valladolid.

Data sheet:

1 – Real Valladolid: Masip; Moyano, Kiko Olivas, Calero, Nacho; Leo Suárez, Alcaraz, Míchel, Toni (Antoñito, m.71); Enes Ünal (Anuar, m.63) and Duje Cop (Borja, m.83).

0 – S.D Huesca: Jovanovic; Polished (Cucho, m.63), Etxeita, Semedo, Miramón; Serdar (Gallar, m.56), Aguilera (Longo, m.70), Moi Gómez, Ferreiro; Sastre and Chimy Ávila.

Goals: 1-0, m.28: Alcaraz.

Referee: Mateu Lahoz (Valencian Committee). He showed yellow cardboard to Míchel (m.6), from Real Valladolid and to Serdar (m.13), Semedo (m.27), from Huesca.

Incidents: Match corresponding to the eighth round of the Santander League, played at the José Zorrilla stadium in front of 17,300 spectators. EFE


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