January 16, 2021

0-2. The Villarreal takes a vital triumph in the last breath

0-2. The Villarreal takes a vital triumph in the last breath

Villarreal took the triumph in the 'Ciutat de Valéncia' against Levante with two goals in the time of prolongationn that allows you to leave the relegation zone after many days.

The 0-2 does not reflect what happened in the match, since Levante was superior to its rival throughout the match. In the first time, a indication of the VAR saw how they canceled a Rochina goal, and in the second half, although the game was equal, it was the team that most looked for the goal. The game broke in the final minutes and in the exchange of blows came Villarreal.

First it was Rober Pier who scored in own door and just two minutes later the young Samu Chukweze took a powerful shot from the front that sentenced the game. The regional duel was presented as essential for both teams, as a victory meant for locals to distance more than ten points from the descent zone, while for visitors it allowed them to leave it for the first time in many weeks.

The Levantist set imposed the match rhythm that suited him from the first minute, with quick transitions that allowed him to stand in front of the Asenjo area with ease. Roger and Bardhi gave the first warnings to Villarreal. Those of Javier Calleja tried without success to put a greater pause to him to the party, whereas in attack they were entrusted to the power of the Cameroonian one Toko Ekambi, that finished off in a pair of occasions without excessive danger. The clearest occasion for the visitors came in the only raid by Pedraza band, which served a good center to Gerard who failed to hit clearly in his shot and Aitor stopped without difficulties.

The Levant continued to his own, accumulating merits to inaugurate the score. A genius of Morales, hat Cazorla and luxury assistance to Coke, missed the side that crossed over before the desperate departure of Asenjo. After half an hour of play, the polemic after a Rochina goal, after a strong shot from the front, what after several minutes of waiting for the indication of the VAR ended up being annulled by the referee by a very tight offside in the previous action of Morales. The arbitration decision heated the stands of the 'Ciutat de València' and despaired the coach Paco López, very sensitive with the VAR in the last days.

The action descended to the Levante during some minutes, with the players more pending of arbitral claims than of the game, although in the final section again it was plugged and created danger although without favorable results. After the break, Villarreal had a glimpse of looking for more prominence in attack but it was fleeting. Levante pushed the Castellón team but without the clarity of ideas in the final meters that had shown in the first act. Levantista dominance was accentuated in the final minutes and Morales could give the victory to his own but his defective finish was cut by Asenjo. Villarreal did not give up to surprise in this final section and Chukwueze, head, finished badly for Aitor's relief, in a very open end.

He was still able to score Levante in the final moments after a shot by Moses that between Asenjo and Funes Mori was about to end in goal in own door and, when it seemed that the game would end, an unfortunate action by Rober Pier, trying to avoid Ekambbi's auction, ended with the goal in their own goal. The Levante was sent to the desperate one in search of the tie but in a against Samu took a missile from the front to put the 0-2, before the ecstasy of the bench of Villarreal.


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